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We recognise that quality legal services are essential to ensuring our clients business profession and personal success, and that’s why Lendor & Associates endeavours to provide better-quality legal services, to give our clients an added advantage and set our firm apart.

Lendor & Associates is a full service law firm in Saint Lucia that caters to all its clients business and personal law needs of clients in Saint Lucia, the Caribbean and around the world.  We generally specialise in corporate law, commercial law, real estate and technology related legal advisory and litigation services. Individual clients’ place their very delicate legal concerns in our hands assured their private concerns will be managed with the strictest confidence and or that with our help their personal assets will stay protected

We are committed to the idea of integrating business and law in a digital world and that commitment resonates through every transaction done on behalf of our corporate clients. Our corporate clients continue to entrust their sensitive and important investment problems to us, confident in our services and knowing that we keep their investments secure, thereby enabling them to realise their ambitions and ideas while avoiding the pitfalls in the law.

Our clients’  know that whatever the size of their transactions, we put our best foot forward to ensure that their legal interests and investment are adequately protected.  Lendor & Associates has an enviable reputation for repeatedly providing our clients with the best legal representation available at a reasonable and fair cost, ensuring their business and personal success.

We bring together a team of highly motivated and passionate legal practitioners from Saint Lucia and the rest of the Caribbean, with in-depth legal knowledge, expertise and critical analysis unmatched by rival firms. We offer practical advice and sensible solutions to the business and personal legal challenges confronting our clients.   Lendor & Associates will work tirelessly to find pragmatic legal solutions to whatever problems and challenges you face, and to ease your worry.  In today’s tough financial times, who better to have at your side than the team of legal experts at Lendor & Associates who are committed to your personal well-being, the security of your investments and client satisfaction?

We pride ourselves on the high legal and ethical standards upon which our firm is founded and the tradition of professional excellence which we work unendingly to maintain. We have an unwavering commitment to the high quality of legal services that continues to inspire client confidence and keeps them loyal to us.

We are passionate about your legal success in every transaction. What keeps us motivated is seeing our clients overcome their legal problems, and realise their ambitions, ideas, business and personal goals and attain general personal or business success, with our legal advice and support.

Our passion keep our clients safe and confident in their personal and investment transactions, while our clients keep our business growing through their repeat transactions with us and their steady referrals to family, friends, business associates and visitors to the island.

Your personal and investment matters are important and should not wait.  Contact us now or Call 758-453-0301 today to learn more about the many ways that you too can employ the legal services of Lendor & Associates towards your personal or business success.



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